fbpx Miriam Patterson, Registered Yoga Therapist | CCNM-ICC

I am a yoga teacher and therapist, facilitator, trainer and community worker and have lived and worked internationally all my life. When I was 35 years old, I discovered a lump on my foot which turned out to be cancer. I then worked through the treatment for cancer, and its long-term effects using many different modalities (including conventional and naturopathic medicine), and throughout this process found so many ways to care for myself, using the tools of yoga.

My yoga training includes a 200-hour Teacher Training with the Sivananda Ashram, a 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Therapy Toronto, a 700-hour Yoga Therapist Training with Yoga Therapy Toronto, and a 50-hour Restorative Yoga Training with Yoga Therapy Toronto. I am also accredited with the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

Through my work at the Patterson Institute, I have been researching the many different modalities that help people on their cancer journey. I apply this knowledge in my role as Program Developer with the Abbey Retreat Centre, which offers no-cost retreats for both people living with cancer and their primary care giver.

Lastly, I am a proud mama to a fabulous 10-year-old.