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The CCNM Integrative Cancer Centre offers naturopathic and complementary cancer care therapies at affordable and subsidized rates; we are a not-for-profit organization devoted to lessening the burden of your health care costs. While some of our practitioners provide care covered by OHIP, we are primarily a fee-for-service clinic. However, many of our services are covered under private and employer health insurance plans. Naturopathic and acupuncture treatments are also exempt from HST.

Subsidy Program

When benefit plans and affordability are not present, we can offer subsidized care for all of our services. Please complete this application form and email to ccnmclinics@ccnm.edu with supporting document(s). To have the subsidy applied to the cost of your first appointment, please complete and email the form about 2 weeks before.

Click here for frequently asked questions regarding our subsidy program.

Fee Schedule

Therapies Service options Fee
Naturopathic Doctor Consultation Initial Consultation: 120 minutes $225.00 (HST exempt)
  Follow Ups: 60 minutes $130.00 (HST exempt)
Acupuncture New Patient:  
  90 minutes (includes 1st treatment) $145 
  Follow Ups:  
  90 minutes $145 
Traditional Chinese Medicine New Patient:  
  90 minutes $145 
  Follow Ups:  
  20 minutes $45 
  60 minutes $130 
  90 minutes $145 
Craniosacral Therapy New Patient:  
  90 minutes $145 +HST 
  Follow Ups:  
  90 minutes $145 +HST 
Massage Therapy & 30 minute $55 + HST
Lymphatic Drainage 45 minute $75 + HST
  60 minute $95 + HST
  90 minute $125 + HST
60 minutes $150 + HST
Yoga Therapy Individual sessions  
Gentle Yoga Class New patient (60 minutes) $80 + HST
  Follow Ups (60 minutes) $80 + HST
  Group class (75 minutes) Free
Injectables B12  
  Low Dose (1,000 mcg) $18.65 (HST included)
  High Dose (5,000 mcg) $26.80 (HST included)
Subcutaneous Mistletoe Fees are dependent on the doctor’s recommendations of extract-strength and frequency (based on cancer type, stage, metastasis, other treatments and gender) $250 - $350/month (average)
  15 minute Mistletoe Follow Up (for existing patients only) $32.50 (HST exempt)
IV Therapy Myers Formula $98.01
  Myers Formula with Glutathione $106.66
  Glutathione $107.15
  Immune Formula $103.72
  Vitamin C  
  10 g $90.54
  25 g $125.98
  50 g $158.64
  75 g $191.29
  IV Mistletoe $130-$315
InBody770 Body Composition Test   $18 + HST