fbpx Nutritional Aspects of Cancer | CCNM-ICC

Dr. Daniel Lander, ND will be speaking at the 16th Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference, taking place on Saturday, May 11 on the Nutritional Aspects of Cancer.

During this presentation, Dr. Lander, ND will review the available evidence and discuss how to use diet and nutrition to help support people to:

  • Reduce the risk of developing a cancer
  • Help manage common adverse effects of cancer treatments
  • Optimize treatment outcomes and reduce the risk of cancer recurrence after treatment

This is an in-person conference, open to the public and offered by the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

When: Saturday, May 11
Where: Ontario Science Centre
Cost: $115-$150

To learn more and register: https://www.csnnalumni.org/chnc-2024/toronto/.