fbpx CCNM ICC Now Open for In-Person Care | CCNM-ICC

Dear Patients of the CCNM Integrative Cancer Centre (ICC),

We are pleased to announce that we have re-opened the clinic for in-person care for select services including IV therapy and mistletoe appointments. We are also currently accepting new patients. In doing so, we are operating under COVID-19 regulations provided by the Ministry of Health, the College of Naturopaths of Ontario, and specific guidelines for regulated health care professions.

While we are now scheduling in-person appointments for those who pass our screening, we recommend patients continue to use our telemedicine platform (secure video or phone) for consultations whenever it is safe and effective to do so. In-person appointments will be reserved for care that cannot be provided by telemedicine.

To help keep the CCNM-ICC safe for all patients and staff, we have a screening process in place prior to entering the clinic. When you call to book your appointment, we will review the requirements of our screening process, what to bring, and what to expect when you arrive at the Centre.

Our yoga therapist and psychotherapist will continue to provide care through telemedicine. We also continue to offer online mindfulness and yoga classes, free of charge, through Zoom.

If you require mistletoe refills you can call the clinic directly to schedule a pick-up.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during these challenging times. We are happy to be able to provide in-person care for our patients, once again!

You can book an appointment by emailing iccinfo@ccnm.edu or calling 416-498-9763 so we can continue to address your health care needs during our regular hours.


Dr. Daniel Lander, ND
Director, CCNM Integrative Cancer Centre