fbpx Dr. Sarah Tayebi, Naturopathic Doctor | CCNM-ICC

I believe an integrative and evidence-based approach is the best health care model to address chronic health conditions

I came across naturopathic medicine while working with my patients as a Medical Doctor in Iran. I graduated from a well-known medical school in Iran in 2005 and have been licensed as a Medical Doctor there ever since. In 2018, I joined the International Medical Graduate bridge delivery program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and graduated as a naturopathic doctor in 2020. I currently hold both prescribing and intravenous therapy privileges.

I integrate my knowledge and experience of conventional medicine with naturopathic medicine as this allows me to provide patients with a customized treatment plan that covers the whole person, not simply their disease. I believe a holistic, individualized, and integrative approach is the best health care model and offers the best treatment options, especially in chronic conditions. Long term health and wellbeing is not achievable through a quick office visit, rather, it comes with a strong patient-doctor relationship, accurate medical knowledge, patient education, counselling, and utilizing behavioural change to address the root cause. My background in conventional medicine combined with my training as a naturopathic doctor makes me uniquely suited to working in integrative medicine.

My interest and focus is in integrative cancer support for both patients and their families, from diagnosis, throughout active treatment and into survivorship. My passion for patient care is grounded in the principles of integrity, perseverance, and compassion. I understand and appreciate my patients’ individual differences and know that health and wellness is dynamic with ever-changing goals. I always strive to help my patients reach their goals and I want to be with them every step of the way.

When I’m at home with my husband and daughter, I love cooking and am always trying new recipes!