fbpx Dr. Megan Sandri, ND, Resident Naturopathic Doctor | CCNM-ICC

I began my undergraduate journey at the University of Toronto, pursuing a double major in molecular genetics & psychology with the initial goal of becoming a genetic counsellor. However, as my understanding of genetics evolved, I became increasingly aware of the profound impact diet and lifestyle have on gene expression and overall health. This prompted a shift in my major to nutrition, sparking a deep interest in this topic. In my free time, this passion led to extensive reading on the impact of diet and lifestyle in disease risk, igniting my interest in preventative medicine.

At the same time, my personal health challenges led me to seek the guidance of a naturopathic doctor (ND), revealing the exciting possibilities of naturopathic medicine and solidifying my commitment to pursuing a career in this field.

Upon graduating with my Honours Bachelor of Science, I furthered my studies at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. During this time, I gained invaluable experience shadowing a naturopathic doctor providing IV treatments to people with cancer, highlighting the impactful role naturopathic medicine can have in cancer care. During my clinical internship year, I had the privilege of working with people with cancer at the CCNM Integrative Cancer Centre under Drs. Lander and Hoffman, ND. Following graduation, I established a private practice, where I saw a diverse array of patients and honed my skills as an ND.

The idea of focusing my practice on oncology persisted, leading me to seize the opportunity to pursue a two-year residency at this clinic. I am privileged to work with people with cancer, providing support throughout their entire journey—from diagnosis and treatment to supporting recovery and helping prevent recurrence.

The future of oncology involves a comprehensive, integrative team approach, and I am proud to offer that to my patients. Naturopathic medicine plays a crucial role by supporting quality of life, reducing side effects, aiding post-treatment healing, and creating an environment less conducive to cancer growth.

My approach centres on meeting patients where they are and implementing sustainable, incremental changes that yield significant impacts. I help patients identify the root causes of their health concerns and utilize evidence-based treatments to address them. Embracing the naturopathic principle of "Doctor as Teacher," I prioritize educating my patients on their health and the mechanisms behind my treatment recommendations.

In my leisure time, I enjoy cooking, practicing yoga, spending time outdoors, and delving into new books. 

I am an active member of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OncANP), Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND), and the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND).