fbpx Saran Archer, Care Coordinator and Registered Social Worker | CCNM-ICC

After completing my Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree at the University of Toronto, I decided to specialize in social work and subsequently achieved my Social Service Worker diploma at George Brown College and Masters of Social Work from the University of Toronto.

During my Master’s program internship with Bereaved Families of Toronto-Ontario, I realized I truly enjoyed the experience of connecting with people through their grieving process. I realized the importance of validating people’s life stories and witnessing their experiences. This experience sparked a deep passion and interest within me that I carry forward to every person I work with as it provides me with a better understanding of how to honour and validate their experiences.

After completing my education, I worked in the social services sector providing case management support to people living with various disabilities including developmental, physical and mental health. I also have experience working with bereaved individuals and people living with cancer; I have completed Bereavement and Hospice Palliative Care training. Lastly, I am trained in Reiki Level 1.

I am passionate about creating meaningful, authentic connections with the patients I work with. My non-judgmental, anti-oppressive approach creates a solid foundation for a supportive relationship in order to lovingly guide and empower people through their own personal life experiences. My compassion and empathy allows for the care of the whole person: mind, body and spirit. I am passionate about supportively listening to people’s stories, validating their experiences and engaging with people in a meaningful way. I feel honoured to be a beacon of support to people at all stages of their cancer journey and look forward to the many ways that I can inspire and be inspired by the resilience of the human spirit.