Our Care Coordinator serves as a single point of contact for you and your family. The Care Coordinator will work with you to assess your individual needs and then connect you to the most helpful supports and services both within the CCNM ICC and throughout the larger community.

How the Care Coordinator supports you:

  • Completes the Initial Health Questionnaire intake form with you prior to your initial visit.
  • Meets with you after your first appointment to review your treatment plan and assess your needs to determine if you may require additional supports and/or services.
  • Acts as a key member and liaison of your care team, coordinating the communication between you, your naturopathic doctor, interns and other members of your care team; consulting with them to review and discuss issues that may arise.
  • Provides emotional and crisis support to you and your family members.
  • Assists with health system navigation and advocacy at the CCNM ICC and other community-based organizations, including hospitals, community programs and palliative care facilities.

All new patients of the CCNM Integrative Cancer Centre meet with the Care Coordinator after their first visit.

There are no additional fees for this service.

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