fbpx Post-Surgical Scar Treatment Package | CCNM-ICC

Scar tissue refers to thick, fibrous tissues that take the place of more flexible healthy ones that have been damaged after an injury, surgery or invasive procedure. The internal scar tissue that develops after a surgery can become painful over time, and can restrict and impair movement. This contributes to stiffness and reduced function.

Massage therapy can be helpful after you have had a surgery by:

  • Reducing scar tissue build up which helps to correct posture and improve mobility
  • Restoring range of motion, allowing you to return to daily activities and exercise
  • Decreasing pain levels by reestablishing blood flow to the tissues
  • Mobilizing any nerve endings trapped within the scar tissue which allows for the restoration of sensation
  • Reducing visibility of scarring
  • Teaching self-scar tissue massage that can be performed at home

CCNM ICC Surgical Scar Tissue Massage Package – $143.50 for 3 appointments, when paid at your first visit.

  • Visit 1: 60 minutes, booked 6-8 weeks after surgery
  • Visit 2: 30 minutes, booked 2 weeks after Visit 1
  • Visit 3: 30 minutes, booked 2 weeks after Visit 2

Call 416-498-9763 to book your appointments with our Registered Massage Therapist, Sorin Darie.